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Next generation distributor

Next generation distributor is not a weasel word – it is pure action!

As a company owned by a staff, our operation is flexible and our decision-making is efficient. Flexibility and efficiency appear also in our own import and also in our working according to one warehouse pattern wherefrom we provide next day delivery to whole Finland. Option to direct deliveries we offer more than 500 pickup places, with next or even same day delivery. ICT based trade is more than 60 % of our business. Think once again is there extra costs in your current supply chain? Are you or your customers willing to pay for them? Can you manage without the options? Please feel free to contact us!

What is next generation distributor?

Cost efficiency

Alternative to old operation modes

ICT forerunner

Innovative and variable

What is not next generation distributor?

No heavy organisations

No expensive branch network

No old expensive structures


EL-Parts Oy – next generation distributor

Markus Eronen